What is the Climate Enterprise Initiative?

Climate change will impact virtually every aspect of human existence and the natural world. In response, the climate enterprise is undergoing a period of rapid development and expansion. To be as effective as possible, the climate enterprise must simultaneously: advance scientific capabilities--observations and research (OS)--and enable society to apply Earth system OS effectively for the benefit of humanity (the information through application continuum). 

AMS is undertaking a community-wide effort, the Climate Enterprise Initiative, to better understand the current and rapidly growing climate enterprise* with the goal of identifying strategic actions that could enable the enterprise to best serve the nation and the world. Broadly, these actions will emphasize opportunities to advance Earth system OS and their beneficial use through: effective unilateral actions (i.e., what AMS and established enterprise partners can do now); policy and additional enabling infrastructure for the advancement and use of science; and external engagement and the formation of new partnerships. This endeavor is primarily supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

*Shared understanding of the definition of the “climate enterprise” is needed and will be an early topic of this initiative. Our initial foundation for a definition is the spirit of the definition of the weather, water, and climate enterprise provided in the AMS Glossary. Our initial working definition: The set of intentional efforts to observe, understand, use, or protect the climate system (in part or whole) is intended, in part, to further discussion. It will continue to evolve as we engage the community and external partners.

The Climate Enterprise Initiative is currently in the planning and development stage. All are encouraged to submit input in order to help shape the early directions of the endeavor. An initial questionnaire can be accessed here.