8:00 MCity Tour
1:00 Call to Order 
1:05 Keynote Speaker
2:00 Set the Stage
3:00 AV Testbeds
4:15 Discussion on testbeds and results
4:55 Closing Remarks
8:00 Call to Order
8:05  OEM Panel Discussion
Coffee Break and Poster Session (View Poster Session Here)
10:15 Government Panel Discussion
1:30 Data Concepts of Operations: Weather Decisions Support Talk
2:00 Data Concept of Operations Panel
Coffee Break and Poster Session (View Posters Here)
3:30 Data Breakout Groups
4:55 Closing remarks
8:00 Call to Order
8:05 State DOT Panel on AVs
9:00 AV communication and readiness
10:45 Simulation Tools Panel
11:45 Close of Summit