Hybrid Experience

If you plan on attending in-person, please be sure to visit our Commitment to Care and Travel  pages to prepare for your trip. All attendees (presenters, program chairs, session chairs, volunteers, attendees, press, AMS staff) will be required to agree to the AMS Meeting Health and Safety Policy and Waiver, which can be found in the Commitment to Care, before completing their registration. Any attendee who is not able to adhere to the in-person guidelines set forth in that Policy and Waiver or in the Commitment to Care Statement should plan to participate in the virtual options we are offering during this fully hybrid meeting.

In the online program, there are many ways to customize your experience and participate in live sessions and networking events. We feel that virtual attendance will allow us to attract many new attendees and allow for a level of inclusiveness.  

  • Can view abstracts and supplementary material for all presentations in the online program.

  • Can view recordings in the online program a few days after they take place.

  • Can view remote posters and access their online meeting room links.

  • Can ask questions and participate in discussion with all presentations through an asynchronous chat feature in the online program.

  • Can message other attendees through the messaging feature in the online program.

Joining Sessions

Attendees are able to enter the waiting room before the session’s scheduled start time. Once in the waiting room, attendees will automatically be transferred to the session 1 minute before start time.


All oral sessions will be recorded. Recording will be available at the session level in the online program 72 hours after the session ends.


We recommend that you prepare by blocking off as much of your calendar as possible during the week of the 9-13 May 2022. Additionally, we recommend you login to the online program to familiarize yourself with navigation, build your agenda, and review the program and available  presentation materials and other content.


To Prepare for your Zoom Session: 

  • Choose an uncluttered location inside that is quiet, and free from interruptions.

  • Ensure you have a strong and secure Wi-Fi connection

  • Ensure your Zoom application is up-to-date

  • Use an AMS provided virtual background (if desired).

  • Before joining the live session, close all unnecessary applications so all processing power can maximize the quality of your Zoom experience. 

  • Turn off all sound notifications (on your computer/ cell phone/ tablet, etc.) to avoid any audio or visual disruptions.

  • Pay attention to the lighting in the room. Too much light behind you will make you appear like a dark figure. Make sure you have a good source of light in front of you.

  • Test your microphone and computer audio before the meeting. If you are using a headset with a built-in microphone, be sure to test this well in advance of the meeting. Be conscious of any external noise close to your microphone, such as your hair or rustling papers.


What To Expect


  • Check the online program to confirm your presentation date and time

  • Let everyone know that you’ll be presenting on Twitter. Include the hashtag and @ametsoc handle.

  • Register at the Virtual Presenter Rate

  • Visit Presenter's Corner to manage your abstract.

  • Read Presenter emails sent from the AMS Meetings Department for more information on managing your abstract and giving your presentation.

  • Look for an email notification that a question has been asked about your abstract via asynchronous chat feature in the online program. Be sure to respond to get a discussion going!


  • Join the in-person session room via Zoom 20 minutes before the scheduled session start time

  • Present by:

    • Sharing your slides via screen share during your scheduled presentation time

    • Sharing your pre-recorded presentation via screen share during your scheduled presentation time OR your pre-recorded presentation will be shared by the session chair(s) or student assistant

  • Field questions asked by attendees in the Zoom chat feature and/or participate in discussion if time allows


  • Look for an email notification that a question has been asked about your abstract via asynchronous chat feature in the online program. Be sure to respond to keep the discussion going!

  • Watch your presentation recording in the online program (48 hours after your session ends)

    • By agreeing to present at an AMS Meeting, you are agreeing to have your presentation/session recorded and posted in the conference program for public viewing. Copyright of recorded presentations remains with the author(s). Permission to use figures, tables, and brief excerpts from presentations is granted provided that the source is acknowledged. Any use of material in presentations that is determined to be "fair use" under § 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act or that satisfies the conditions specified in § 108 of the U.S. Copyright Act (17 USC § 108, as revised by P.L. 94-553) does not require the permission. Republication, systematic reproduction, password sharing, posting in the electronic form on other servers, or other uses of this material, excepted by the above statement, requires written permission or a license from the author(s).

  • Upload Optional Supplementary Information in Presenter's Corner:

    • Extended Abstract

    • PDF Presentation Slide File 

    • Supplementary URL

We encourage all presenters to submit supplementary information as your time to present at the meeting is limited. Posting this information online is an excellent opportunity to include more detailed information that may require more time for study than is available at the meeting. All supplementary information is available in the meeting online program within 24 hours of upload – so you can reference it before, during, and after the meeting!