10th International Conference on Urban Climate/ 14th Symposium on the Urban Environment

10th International Conference on Urban Climate/ 14th Symposium on the Urban Environment

6-10 August 2018, New York, NY

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: 2 January 2018
Acceptance E-mails Sent Out & Program is Posted: Late-February 2018
Registration & Hotel Reservations Open: Late-February 2018
Hotel Reservation Deadline: Mid-June 2018
Pre-Registration Deadline: 15 June 2018
No Registration Refund After: 20 July 2018
Extended Abstract Deadline: 6 September 2018

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The event is hosted and co-organized by the NOAA CREST Institute of the City University of New York, The International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC) and the AMS Board on the Urban Environment. ICUC10 is also supported by international organizations including the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). If you have questions about the meeting, please contact icuc10@icuc10.org

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Interested Sponsors may contact Gillian Peguero at gpeguero@ametsoc.orgPlease note, WMO support includes contributions by WMO programmes as well as their co-sponsored programme WCRP.

Plenary Session Live Stream:

Live Stream

Plenary Speakers:

Dr. Cynthia E. Rosenzweig

Dr. Cynthia E. Rosenzweig, Columbia University


Prof. Chao Ren

Prof. Chao Ren, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Prof. J. Marshall Shepherd

Prof. J. Marshall Shepherd, University of Georgia


Dr. Alan Blumberg

Dr. Alan Blumberg, Jupiter Intel Inc.


Dr. S. Miao

Dr. S. Miao, China





All attendees must register to attend the conference. Registration may be completed online or onsite. Everyone presenting (both oral and poster) and/or attending must register and wear a badge. Be sure to register by 15 June 2018 in order to receive the lower registration rate. Registrations received at AMS from 16 June and through the conference dates will be processed at the higher rate (see rates below). Payment may be made with credit card (MasterCard/VISA/American Express), check, or purchase order (hard copy required). 


Conference Registration Rates:

Conference Banquet Crowne Plaza Times Square, in the Ballroom, on Wednesday 8 August at 6:00pm. 
Number of Participants is limited to 400.

Special Sessions and Events

Practical Workshop — the Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor (UMEP)

Atmospheric Moisture Distribution, Total Precipitable Water and Convective Stability


GOES-R  Land Surface Temperature Product and Its Readiness to Users

Goes-16 Workshop on Aerosol and Clouds

Visa Information for International Attendees

Special Needs

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