Virtual Student Travel Grants

Virtual Student Travel Grants

Share, learn, and collaborate at an AMS meeting for free!

AMS recognizes the considerable benefit that students can gain from attending conferences, even if they are not presenting a paper, and wants to encourage interactions between students and other conference attendees.

Covered Expenses

Recipients of a Virtual Grant will be provided with the necessary information for access to the virtual conference session.


  • Available to active 2021 AMS student members and member graduate students. Eligible students must be a current senior undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Awarded to students who are not presenting a paper at the conference. (Note: This restriction does not apply to presentations at the Student Conference.)
  • A student can receive no more than one travel grant award per calendar year; this includes the AMS Specialty Conference Travel Grant Program (i.e., if a student applies for a travel grant to attend the AMS Annual Meeting and receives an award, that student is not eligible to apply for a specialty conference travel grant within that same calendar year).

Grant applications are currently available for the following conferences

34th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology — applications due 2 April 2021

13th Fire and Forest Meteorology Symposium — applications due 2 April 2021

16th Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography — applications due 7 May 2021

34th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology/Fifth Conference on Atmospheric Biogeosciences — applications due 28 May 2021

**Applications submitted after the deadline date will not be considered**


Specialty Meeting Travel Grant Application

Students must complete an application to participate.  Use your AMS credentials to access the application.  Be sure to fill in all areas of the form.

Apply for Specialty Meeting Travel Grant