AMS Soundings is a monthly newsletter that goes out to AMS members and friends. Each edition includes news updates, profiles, awards, special articles, important dates, and other great information about all that’s going on with AMS, our work, and our community. We hope you enjoy reading it, and we always welcome your feedback.

Soundings Archives

AMS Soundings January 2022

New Executive Director, Policy Studies, Meeting Updates, and more!

AMS Soundings December 2021

Election results, News, Annual Meeting Updates, and more!

AMS Soundings November 2021

Citizen Science, AIES launch, Blue Hill Archives, and more!

AMS Soundings October 2021

New Policy Study, Formatting Publications, Annual Meeting updates, and more!

AMS Soundings September 2021

Virtual Annual Meeting info, Summer Education, State of the Climate, and more!

AMS Soundings August 2021

A new AMS Journal, new DEI Director, Annual Meeting updates, and more!

AMS Soundings July 2021

Fall DataStreme, New Policy Program Study, Annual Meeting news, and more!

AMS Soundings June 2021

Short Course Proposals, New Episodes of AMS on the Air, and more!

AMS Soundings May 2021

Innovation for Climate Change, New AMS Statement, Upcoming Webinars, and more!

AMS Soundings April 2021

Summer Policy Colloquium, Executive Director Search, meetings news, and more!

AMS Soundings March 2021

Celebration, Nominations, and another Annual Meeting on the way!

AMS Soundings February 2021

AMS Membership, Explaining Extremes, Career News, and more!

AMS Soundings January 2021

Annual Meeting, Teacher Summer Courses, Scholarships, and more.

AMS Soundings December 2020

Election Results, Weather Band, Holiday gifts, and more

AMS Soundings November 2020

Annual Meeting registration, DataStreme, Student Conference and more.

AMS Soundings October 2020

New Glossary, Weather Band store, Career podcasts and more.

AMS Soundings September 2020

State of the Climate Report, AMS Weather Band, Centennial Monograph: Chapter Author Presentations, and more.

AMS Soundings August 2020

AMS Awards, Elections Information, Annual Meeting Update, and more.

AMS Soundings July 2020

30 years of Scholarships and Fellowships, Weather Band preview, and more.

AMS Soundings June 2020

AMS Statement on Racism and Inequity, Summer reading, new "Certification Corner"