Order Course Materials

AMS Studies course materials can be sold by college or local bookstores in the same way that college textbooks are usually sold. Bookstores stock Access Cards that include instructions and a redeemable coupon for students to download the books at zero charge. There is an option to purchase books in other formats.

Institutions licensing the full course typically have their bookstores order the Student Packages containing the Textbook and Investigations Manual with RealTime Portal access. The textbook and manual may also be purchased separately. 

Please download a letter for your campus bookstore. The letters include ISBN & list prices as well as ordering information.

2020-21 & Summer 2021 course material:

To place an order, bookstores can send us a purchase order via

  • fax: 202-737-0445
  • email: tran@ametsoc.org
  • mail: AMS Online Studies, 1200 New York Ave NW, Ste 500, Washington, DC 20005

Students can also place orders directly through the AMSEDU Bookstore.