Our Changing Climate: Introduction to Climate Science

  • Innovative eBook compatible with a variety of devices
  • Comprehensive analysis of climate and human interaction with it
  • Features IPCC AR5 and the 3rd National Climate Assessment
  • Includes Topics in Depth linking to videos and animations to enhance learning
  • Helps students become responsible and scientifically-literate participants in the discussions that dominate climate science today

The textbook, authored by Chad M. Kauffman, includes 14 chapters exploring the elements of Earth's climate system and human interactions with it. Course management system-compatible files allow for full integration into an e-learning environment.

Our Changing Climate may be used in conjuction with the Investigations Manual and RealTime Climate Portral or by itself. If you are a faculty member interested in using the Our Changing Climate in a current or future course offering, you can request an examination copy of the eTextbook and eInvestigations Manual.

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Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Earth's Climate as a Dynamic System (copyright notice)
Chapter 2: Observing Earth's Climate System
Chapter 3: Tools for Investigating Earth's Climate System
Chapter 4: Radiation and Heat in the Climate System
Chapter 5: Water in Earth's Climate System
Chapter 6: Global Atmospheric Circulation
Chapter 7: Atmosphere-Ocean Relationships
Chapter 8: Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Climate Change
Chapter 9: Paleoclimatic Investigations: Relevancy to the Present State of Climate
Chapter 10: Future Projections and Extremes of Climate
Chapter 11: Human and Ecosystem Vulnerabilities
Chapter 12: Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Use
Chapter 13: Human Needs, Actions and Public Policy
Chapter 14: Climate Studies as a Scientific Endeavor in a Changing Society

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