Value & Benefits

The value of becoming a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) is knowing that the American Meteorological Society stands behind the CCM program and that every CCM stands behind not only your knowledge of meteorology, but also your professional standards, as well as your personal integrity.

  • You prove to yourself that you possess the attributes of a CCM;
  • You are competitive in the marketplace;
  • Your knowledge, skills, and credibility will become better known within the community;
  • Your clients know they are receiving the highest quality service;
  • You can have a lifelong association with fellow CCMs, and opportunities for knowledge sharing;
  • You have an opportunity to serve within the CCM community, furthering the goals of the AMS and shaping the future of the CCM program;
  • Your long term value of the CCM program far outweighs the effort required to become a CCM.

Additional benefits of becoming a CCM include:

Professional recognition

The CCM designation is granted only to those who demonstrate a broad background in meteorology together with a detailed knowledge in a particular field of specialization.  CCMs must demonstrate exemplary qualities of character and devotion to high professional standards.

Quarterly newsletters

All active CCMs receive a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter is intended to enhance communication between CCMs, the CCM Board and AMS. It provides information about the ongoing activities of the CCM program. CCMs are also encouraged to share information about their work by submitting articles for publication.

Professional Development

A 28 point professional development requirement every 5 years helps keep you abreast of new scientific research and tools. Attending conferences, serving as a lead forecaster on special events, mentoring a high school student, serving as an expert witness, or authoring a peer reviewed paper are just a few of the many ways to stay current in the field.

Networking opportunities

Join hundreds of other consulting meteorologists at the AMS Annual Meeting and attend or present at the CCM Forum. Organized by the CCM Board, the forum covers a wide variety of topics of interest to CCMs. Past forums have included session on forensic meteorology, alternate energy, applications of water resources, hydrometeorological analyses, emergency response planning and operations (public health), and starting a meteorological business. Better yet, join the Board of Certified Consulting Meteorologists, made up of other CCMs, and become an instrumental part in planning future conferences and events. Other networking opportunities include seeing old friends and meeting news ones at the CCM breakfast held each year at the Annual Meeting.

Career Advancement

AMS certifications have been nationally recognized as the standard in meteorological certification since 1957 and employers understand the high level of expertise that comes with receiving the Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) designation. Earning a CCM will set you apart from other candidates and provide you with a competitive edge.

Respect of your peers 

CCMs are highly regarded by their peers. They are considered experts in the application of weather information to a host of practical challenges ranging from specialized forecasts to engineering design support and expert testimony on weather-related court cases. 

Confidence of the general public

Certification enables users of meteorological services to select consultants or employees with greater confidence in the quality and reliability of the products or services they will receive.

Social media presence

CCMs can discuss topics of interest and ask and give advice to each other through the CCM LinkedIn page, available only to active CCMs. The CCM logo may only be displayed by individuals who have earned the designation. This mark of distinction, displayed on your social media pages and web site, sets you apart as an expert in communicating complex weather information.