AMS Professional Certification Programs

Serving the public's need to identify broadcast and consulting meteorologists who have achieved a high level of competency in communicating complex weather, water, and climate information as well as educators actively engaged in raising Earth science literacy. Since 1957, AMS certification programs have been an important part of the AMS community. Today these three widely respected programs continue to recognize thousands of individuals who have met the high standards of AMS certification.

Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM)

The CBM program was established to raise the professional standard in broadcast meteorology and encourage a broader range of scientific understanding, especially with respect to environmental issues.

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Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM)

The AMS has established high standards of technical competence, character, and experience for certified consultants who provide advice in meteorology to the public.

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Certified AMS Teacher Program (CAT)

The Certified AMS Teacher (CAT) Program was established by the AMS to recognize and support educators actively engaged in raising Earth science literacy. CAT specifically connects K-12 educators to AMS, which strengthens their connection to the atmospheric science community and its resources.

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