Updates to the CBM Application Procedures Effective 1 July 2013

The AMS Board on Broadcast Meteorology is announcing an update to the on-air portion of the CBM application. If you or a colleague is considering applying for the CBM, these changes will apply. Please note, this is only a change to the video submission requirements; there are no changes to the educational requirements for the CBM program, or will there be any changes to the closed-book testing process.

If you have already applied and your application is in progress, you will continue to follow the existing evaluation procedures. The new process is for applications submitted on or after July 1.

Current CBMs may recall that since the program's inception in 2005, the requirement was to submit 3 weathercasts, with each representing one of three consecutive working days. This was also the requirement within the original AMS Seal of Approval program, prior to 2008.

In an effort to evolve with the ever changing technology, and with respect to the restrictions that many of us face when it comes to the content of our weathercasts, a sub-committee of the AMS Broadcast Board worked for over a year on these revisions.

The updated evaluation requires two (2) weathercast submissions. The days do not have to be consecutive days on-air. Rather, they must represent one “active” weather day and one “routine” weather day.

The definition of “active” may vary from one market to another; an active day in the central United States could mean thunderstorms, while an active day along the Pacific coast could be rain and fog, or in the Great Lakes it could mean lake effect snow. An active day does not have to be severe weather although you are welcome to use that sort of coverage.

A “routine” day should showcase the applicant's best work on a quiet, typical weather day.

For all actively employed applicants, the submissions must represent actual on-air work. Off-air submissions will only be considered for those who are not employed at the time of submission.

Applicants will be evaluated on three categories: graphical, explanation, and presentation.

In addition to the videos, a climatology sheet must also be provided for verification purposes. This will convey the actual and average weather for the weathercast dates to ensure accuracy.

Please contact any Broadcast Board member with questions. If you or a colleague is planning on applying and are concerned about what is classified as an active weather day, we will gladly assist. Additional information will be provided when applications are submitted. We also will have information available on the AMS website: http://www.ametsoc.org/amscert/index.html