The Journey

Since 1973, the American Meteorological Society has recognized the need to build an inclusive and equitable society. The Board on Representation, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity (BRAID) and the Culture and Inclusion Cabinet (CIC) are two of the main volunteer groups that support and lead this work. In addition to BRAID and CIC, there are many boards and committees that are integrating equity, inclusion, and justice into their goals and initiatives. You can read more below about the history and iteration of this work at AMS. While these boards and committees are leaders in creating a more inclusive and equitable AMS, all members have a responsibility in creating a welcoming Society.

Board on Representation, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity (BRAID; formerly Board on Women and Minorities)

In 1973, the Board on Women and Minorities (BWM) was formed to create a space for women and people from communities underrepresented in the weather, water, climate enterprise. In 2020, the BWM’s name was officially changed to the Board on Representation, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity (BRAID) to encompass all underrepresented and minoritized backgrounds in STEM (e.g., women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, those with differing abilities, etc.). BRAID is a community of AMS members who are historically underrepresented in STEM and advocates working to create an inclusive culture at AMS. BRAID has numerous committees which attend to a variety of equity topics. These committees have a long record of addressing equity and inclusion issues in the weather, water, climate enterprise.

Culture and Inclusion Cabinet (CIC)

In January 2020, AMS Council stood up the Culture and Inclusion Cabinet (CIC). The CIC was established to catalyze an inclusive, just, equitable, and accessible culture across the AMS. They are a cross-cutting leadership body that advises the strategic direction of AMS to promote equity, inclusion, and justice, increase access, and foster accountability. 

Staff Leadership

In August of 2021, AMS hired a Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). The Director of DEI serves as a link among members, volunteers, and staff to amplify and integrate DEI efforts and adapt to evolving needs as we create a more inclusive environment in all AMS activities. While the Director of DEI is a leader in these efforts, everyone on staff takes responsibility for doing their work with a lens of equity and inclusion. The CIC and Director of DEI collaborate with boards and committees, such as BRAID, on the AMS equity work. 

Learn about our ongoing initiatives at the Society and Annual Meeting.

Ongoing Initiatives