Guidance from the Local Chapter Affairs Committee on the Chapter of the Year Award Competition






  1. How much Community Outreach have you done and how involved have you been in it? An example of community outreach would be organizing a community litter pickup event and speaking to participants about other ways to become environmentally responsible. It's not necessarily the quantity but the quality.
  2. How have you improved from last season? Have you expanded on certain projects/events or have you added new things on top of what you are already doing?
  3. Have you been interactive with other chapters? What things have you shared?
  4. How much participation has your chapter had with the national AMS? This could be posters, attendance at the annual meeting and other meetings, national membership, national scholarship outreach, interactions with LCAC, abstracts for the national meeting.
  5. What things are you doing as a chapter to foster a more cohesive membership? Are you engaging in activities that are meaningful to your members that help make more meaningful relationships within the chapter? This could be local night outings, chapter picnics, etc.
  6. We are looking at your chapter's progress from the previous year. If you are a new chapter and have made great strides in being meaningful to your members, the community, and the national AMS, the LCAC recognizes that and places huge value on that effort. It doesn't matter how small or financially strapped you are as a chapter, what you're doing with what limited resources you have makes a big impression on the LCAC.
  7. How do you communicate your chapter information to your members? Website, newsletter, etc.
  8. We look for chapters that are thinking outside of the box...not just going through the motions of having meetings and submitting minutes, or even strictly doing all weather-related things. The LCAC understands that we are a weather orientated society and that plays a big part in why we have chapters, but to do something that might not have any weather connection, that has value to the community and the chapter, is something the LCAC also likes to see. This could be working a charity event to raise money for some cause.
  9. Are you reaching out to the younger generation who are interested in weather? How much K-12 outreach has your chapter done during the past year? Are you involved with any Pre-college chapters or helping to create one in your community?
  10. How accessible are you as a chapter? Can anyone come to your meetings? Can people just interested in weather join your chapter? And what steps are you taking as a chapter to promote that camaraderie with those people?
  11. Are you meeting the AMS deadlines? For example, submitting news to the Local Chapter Newsletter or Chapter Channel in BAMS.
  12. Do you have a poster that advertises you chapter at your local meetings as well as the national meeting? Posters are not required to be considered for the award, but are encouraged.