Broadcaster Awards

The Award for Broadcast Meteorology

(prior to 2004, The Award for Outstanding Service by a Broadcast Meteorologist)

The Award for Broadcast Meteorology was established to recognize a broadcast meteorologist for sustained long-term contributions to the community through the broadcast media, or for outstanding work during a specific weather event. Nominations must be made in writing by an individual or group, and if possible, should be accompanied by an example(s) of the individual's work. Single event nominations must be based on extraordinary work during a demanding weather event. Although the Award is normally intended for an individual, it may be awarded in recognition of a team effort under special circumstances.

The Award for Excellence in Science Reporting by a Broadcast Meteorologist

The Award for Excellence in Science Reporting by a Broadcast Meteorologist is open to all AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologists and AMS Sealholders. The award is for excellence in showcasing station scientist material that is accessible and interesting to the general public, recognizing that an informed, scientifically literate population is essential for meaningful public discourse and decision-making. Excellence can be demonstrated through a single report or series or an overall body of work. Material can be either on-air, online, or within public and professional speaking engagements. Short television or radio pieces, in-depth stories, and recurring segments are all eligible. Those who promote station scientist messages within blog content and presentations, both public and within professional conferences, are also eligible. The award honors individuals rather than institutions. The award is presented at the AMS Annual Meeting and is also acknowledged at the AMS Conference on Broadcast Meteorology.