Chair & Member Information

This page contains a wealth of STAC specific guidance and tools to allow Boards and Committees to carry out their responsibilities.  For example, you will find  information on awards, membership, planning, special activities, funding, and forms which support these activities.   In addition, this page contains important links to Society procedures and guidelines.

STAC Board/Committee Best Practices

These are suggested best practices for STAC Boards and Committees.  This is a living document and it was most recently updated on July 10, 2022.  These ideas may also be useful for board and committees of other AMS Commissions. 

STAC Commissioner Roles and Responsibilities

The STAC incoming commissioner collaborates with the current and past STAC commissioner to coordinate, communicate, and advance the activities of the 36 STAAC boards and committees. 


Information on Society Awards, STAC-Level Awards, Fellows, Lectures, Honorary Members, Named Symposiums, Named Sessions 


Information on how to add a new member to your board or committee, membership renewal, chair  and member responsibilities, and nomination forms.  


Information on upcoming meetings, guidelines for meeting planners, conference and symposium funding request forms 

Short Courses

Information for planning and participating in short courses 

Web Editors

Information for board and committee web page editors 

AMS Statements

To serve AMS members, and to fulfill responsibilities to human society, the AMS periodically issues topical statements.

AMS Glossary of Meteorology

Forty-one years ago, the AMS published the Glossary of Meteorology. Containing 7900 terms, more than 10,000 copies have been sold over four decades through five printings.This is the electronic version of the second edition of the Glossary with more than 12,000 terms. Along with the print version it should be the authoritative source for definitions of meteorological terms for many years to come.

AMS Organization and Administration

Link to AMS organizational chart, organizational procedures, constitution and by-laws

AMS Community Website

A useful site for connecting within your Board/Committee, STAC, or with colleagues in the AMS.

AMS Community Guidelines
Commissioner - Board/Committee Line-Up

With 36 STAC boards and committees, the commissioners have divided responsibilities so that each commissioner is assigned as the primary point of contact for twelve B/Cs.  You can contact your designated commissioner for questions ranging from AMS Awards, new B/C members, conference issues, named sessions/symposia, and any other of a multitude of issues for which you feel you need guidance. Of course, if you desire, you can always contact the Current Commissioner as the prime expert.