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Summer Policy Colloquium

Summer Policy Colloquium

Sunday May 31- Tuesday June 9, 2020
Washington, DC

Each year, the AMS Summer Policy Colloquium brings a select group to Washington, D.C. for an intense, ten-day immersion in science policy. Graduate students, faculty and professionals in the field of earth and atmospheric sciences and their applications form a cohort that tackles hands-on exercises, hears from dozens of prominent experts and forges strong professional networking connections. The Summer Policy Colloquium is a career-shaping experience. By arming tomorrow's leaders with expertise in the policy process, the science community will be more engaged with decision makers, helping ensure that society's policy choices take full advantage of available scientific knowledge.

About the Colloquium

What do attendees gain from the Colloquium? Find out here, and also view eligibility requirements, a sample agenda and an overview of logistics.


Registration for the 2020 Summer Policy Colloquium will be opening soon.

Apply for NSF Funding
Apply for NSF Funding

We anticipate that a limited number of graduate students and faculty will be awarded full financial support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), based on a national competition.

Alumni Resources
Alumni Resources

If you attended the Summer Policy Colloquium in a previous year, keep in touch with us and your fellow alumni! We hold an annual reunion event at the AMS Annual Meeting. We also maintain a directory of previous particpants.


Bill Hooke


Please send any application materials and/or letters of recommendation to Bill Hooke (hooke@ametsoc.org).