Undergraduate Faculty

Bring an introductory Earth science course to your institution with AMS Education’s course packages in Weather, Ocean and Climate. With our flexible design, you can teach your course online, in a traditional lecture and lab setting, or any blend of the two.

AMS course packages include:

  • Textbook: Covers the fundamentals of meteorology, oceanography or climatology
  • Investigations Manual: Demonstrates textbook concepts using real-world data
  • RealTime Portal: Offers weekly news and activities with the latest maps, images and data for contextual learning
  • Faculty website: Provides a secure location for answer keys in both text and Respondus formats that integrate with course management systems and allow for automated scoring
  • Faculty Resource Materials: Includes PowerPoint presentations for each chapter, textbook image files, test bank questions and answers, and a faculty manual with learning objectives and a guide to offering the course

Weather Studies

AMS Weather Studies introduces students to key meteorological concepts like temperature, pressure and stability by using real-world atmospheric data. Students explore weather phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme weather events as they happen.

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Ocean Studies

AMS Ocean Studies highlights the ocean’s physical, chemical, biological and geological properties, and their effect on coastlines, ecosystems and climate. Students investigate tsunamis, oil spills and methane hydrates, among other ocean concepts and recent events.

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Climate Studies

AMS Climate Studies explores the scientific principles governing Earth’s climate system and the way humans interact with it. Students examine resources relevant to their lives and experiment with a simple climate model that tracks the global-scale flow of energy to and from Earth.

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A license includes the following:

  • Full course use for an academic year
  • Faculty Resource Material, the eTextbook and eInvestigations Manual
  • Instructor Access to AMS RealTime Portal
  • Instructor Access to Faculty Website
  • Files Compatible with Course Management Systems