Scientific and Technological Activities Commission


Committee on Air-Sea Interaction


Mission and Goals

The mission of the committee is to promote the exchange and archiving of knowledge in air-sea interaction. A major means of fulfilling this mission is our sponsoring a biennial research conference on air-sea interaction at which meteorologists, oceanographers, and scientists in related fields participate.  A theme of that conference is to reduce disciplinary barriers that otherwise might restrict the flow of information among workers in different specialties  The conference and its record provide the primary venue for presentations related to air-sea interaction field programs, both of national and international scope.  In addition, the conference and its record provide the forum for presentations of new techniques and developments in laboratory and theoretical air-sea interaction research.

From the CASPER field campaign


The goals of the committee are to:


Aerial photograph of sea surface in Hurricane Cristobal (2014).
Photo credit: Heather Holbach


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