Terms of Reference

Purpose: Promote the growth in the economic base and the sustainable management of water resources across the weather, and climate community by closely interacting with the water resources community toward the mutual benefit of all parties. The water resources community includes, but is not limited to public, private, and academic organizations involved in water resource management, storage, energy generation, purification, ecology, research, policy, and education. 

Goal: To bring together the weather, climate, and water resources communities to better understand their respective needs, discuss current and future technologies and trends, identify solutions and services, and explore business opportunities.

Activities:The Water Resources Committee will develop and participate in the following activities:

  • Provide venues for the weather, climate, and water resource communities to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest
  • Identify opportunities for the weather, climate, and water resource communities to interact (e.g., weather, climate, and water resources industry conferences, workshops, and symposia)
  • Facilitate dialog between the climate and weather enterprise and the water resource community.

Committee Structure: The AMS Water Resources Committee will be structured as follows:

  • The Water Resources Committee will be a permanent standing committee
  • The Water Resources Committee will report to the AMS Board on Enterprise Decision Support (BEDS)
  • The Water Resources Committee will consist nominally of six (6) to fifteen (15) members including the Chairperson
  • Membership terms (nominally) will consist of three (3) year terms with 1/3 rotating off the committee each year
  • Membership terms will begin each year at the AMS Annual Meeting.
  • Membership shall represent the three (3) community sectors (e.g., private, government, and academic)
  • Candidate committee members will be nominated by the Water Resources Committee Chair and approved by the BEDS Chair and the Commissioner of the Commission on the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise (CWWCE).
    • Preference will be given to AMS members, but AMS membership is not a prerequisite for Committee membership
    • The majority of Committee members shall be AMS members
  • At the discretion of the Committee Chair and with consultation and approval of the BGS Chair and Commissioner:
    • Membership terms may be extended beyond three (3) years
    • Membership representation may temporarily include fewer than all three (3) community sectors
  • At the option of the Chair, with Commissioner consent, a Committee member who does not participate in Committee activities for a period of twelve or more months can be removed and a replacement named
  • The Chair, shall be an ex officio member of the BEDS
  • Subcommittees may be established by the Water Resources  Committee to address specific topics of interest per approval by BEDS Chair and CWWCE Commissioner.