Our Plans

The REC has a unique opportuntity to identify key issues facing the renewable energy industry in the USA. Because our members come from academia, industry, and government, we see what the issues are that are important, and can also see what information or research may be available to help address those problems. This is our plan to help make sure that academia, industry, and government are all moving in the same direction.


  • Increase renewable energy industry involvement at the Energy Conference in 2016
  • Identify key meteorology-related issues facing the US renewable energy industry
    • Discuss these issues on conference calls
    • Suggest specific ways in which the REC or the wider industry / academia / government could start to address these issues. This may include identifying where these issues are already being being pursued, for example through the DOE’s A2e and SunShot initiatives, or the AWEA Wind Resource Assessment workshop.
    •  Publish a summary of what we have learned, for example in BAMS or through the AMS.
  • Develop cooperation with other US-based industry groups, including AWEA
  • Investigate opportunities to partner with NAWEA (http://www.nawea.org) to develop syllabi.


  • Hold a Renewable Energy short course at the AMS Annual Meeting with contributions from Industry, academia, and government. The REC will facilitate the course, set out the goals, put together an agenda, and invite speakers.
  • Continue to review key issues in conference calls
  • Develop syllabi around each of the key issues