Emergency Management Educational Resources

Emergency Management and Meteorology are closely tied together as a part of the Integrated Warning Team.   For those who are interested in becoming more familiar with emergency management, the FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) provides some free online training, with certificates for completion.  The National Domestic Preparedness Training Center, as well as your local and state EM offices are also resources for in-person training.  Here are some suggested courses:


  1. Basics of Emergency Management

IS-230.d Fundamentals of Emergency Management

IS-800.b National Response Framework, An Introduction

IS-1.a Emergency Manager: An Orientation to the Position

IS-317 Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams


  1. Incident Management

IS-100.b Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS)

IS-700.a National Incident Management System: An Introduction
          IS-200.b ICS for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents

ICS-300 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents
(Request Registration from Local Emergency Management Agency)

ICS-400 Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff
(Request Registration from Local Emergency Management Agency)


  1. Emergency Support Functions (ESFs)

IS-801 Emergency Support Function #1 – Transportation

IS-802 Emergency Support Function #2 – Communications

IS-803 Emergency Support Function #3 - Public Works and Engineering

IS-804 Emergency Support Function #4 – Firefighting

IS-806 Emergency Support Function #6 - Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing, and Human Services

IS-807 Emergency Support Function #7 - Logistics Management and Resource Support Annex

IS-808 Emergency Support Function #8 - Public Health and Medical Services

IS-809 Emergency Support Function #9 - Search and Rescue

IS-810 Emergency Support Function #10 - Oil and Hazardous Materials Response

IS-811 Emergency Support Function #11 - Agriculture and Natural Resources Annex

IS-812 Emergency Support Function #12 – Energy

IS-813 Emergency Support Function #13 -Public Safety and Security Annex


  1. Emergency Preparedness

IS-910.a Emergency Management Preparedness Fundamentals

AWR-322 Hazardous Weather Preparedness for Campuses

(Official Request Required by local/state EMA Training Office)


  1. Planning

IS-235.b Emergency Planning

IS-546.a Continuity of Operations Awareness Course

IS-547.a Introduction to Continuity of Operations

IS-2001 Threat and Hazard Risk Assessment (THIRA)


  1. Mitigation

IS-393.a Introduction to Hazard Mitigation


  1. Risk Management

IS-454 Fundamentals of Risk Management


  1. Recovery

IS-2900 National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) Overview


  1. Skills and Applications to Emergency Management

IS-15.b Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies

IS-775 Emergency Operations Center Management and Operations

IS-242.b Effective Communication

IS-120.a An Introduction to Exercises

IS-241.a Decision Making and Problem Solving

IS-130 Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning

IS-271.a Anticipating Hazardous Weather and Community Risk

IS-201 Forms Used for the Development of the Incident Action Plan

IS-247.a Integrated Public Alert and Warning system (IPAWS)

IS-922 Applications of GIS for Emergency Management

IS-5.a An Introduction to Hazardous Materials

IS-29 Public Information Officer Awareness

IS-42 Social Media in Emergency Management

PER-304 Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery Level

(Official Request Required by local/state EMA Training Office)