Board on Enterprise Strategic Topics

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The primary purpose of the BEST is to help determine and advance collaboration on strategic initiatives of the weather, water, and climate enterprise. The BEST will consider topics for enhanced collaboration derived from CWWCE activities or from suggestions submitted by members of the community.  This will be a continuous process of information exchange.  Those topics can be addressed through various mechanisms, not limited to, the establishment of committees, the creation of white papers, panel discussions, or town halls in collaboration with the Annual Symposium on the Weather and Climate Enterprise.  In addition, the BEST Chair(s) and committees in partnership with the relevant parties across the CWWCE will organize the Symposium on the Weather and Climate Enterprise at the AMS Annual Meeting each year.

BEST Committees
Nationwide Network of Networks Committee
Committee on Ecological Forecasting
Ad Hoc Mind the Gap Committee
Ad Hoc Committee on Wildfire Weather, Technology and Risk
Ad Hoc Committee on Engineering Resilient Communities
Ad Hoc AMS REACH Committee


Previous Committees that have been disbanded or moved to other locations within AMS:

Committee on Emergency Management - moved to CWWCE/BEDS in late 2020

Climate Services Committee - moved in 2019 to BGS

Offshore Wind Energy Annual Partnership Topic - disbanded May 2014

Mobile Observations Annual Partnership Topic - disbanded Nov 2011


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