CWWCE Steering Committee

The CWWCE Steering Committee (SC) is composed of leaders from the weather, water and climate enterprise.   SC members will promote and foster synergistic linkages between and among the sectors, engage and educate user communities on the value of weather and climate information, and work with the Commission to broaden the base and ensure inclusiveness of the activities of the Enterprise.  Appointments are for three-year terms, with 1/3 of the membership changing each year.  The SC is nominated by the Commissioner in consultation with the CEC and is endorsed by the Council.  Standing positions include the Director of the National Weather Service, the President of the American Weather and Climate Industry Association (AWCIA), the President of the National Council of Industrial Meteorologists (NCIM), and the Executive Director of the National Weather Association (NWA).  Voting members of the SC are required to be directly involved with Commission activities and for providing mentorship and guidance to CWWCE members.

·      Commissioner, Weather and Climate Enterprise

·      Chair, Board on Enterprise Communication (BEC)

·      Chair, Board on Enterprise Strategic Topics (BEST)

·      Chair, Board on Global Strategies (BGS)

.      Chair, Board on Enterprise Economic Development (BEED)

·      Seven senior members from the provider community

·      Five senior members from the user community

·      Four Members-at-large selected to ensure balance and diversity

·      Five ex officio, Non-voting members:

·      AMS President,

·      Executive Director

-      AMS Enterprise Coordinator

-      Director, AMS Policy Program

·      Commissioner, Professional Affairs

·      Commissioner, Scientific and Technological Activities Commission

·      Commissioner, Education and Human Resources