Familiarize Yourself with Confex

If you are unfamiliar with Confex, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the system.  There are several tools to help you with this:

1. Read the “AMS Program Chair Review and Scheduling Functions” instructions, located on the main page when you log in.

2. Refer to the “Program Chair FAQ” document, whose link can be found in the Program Control Panel, located on the left side of the screen after log in, under ‘Tools’.

3. Contact Tech Support if you have any questions after viewing the documents above or if you get stuck while organizing your program. The link for Tech Support can be found in the Program Control Panel. You can also contact your meeting coordinator.

4. Request a WebEx with Confex Tech support.  Please email Samantha at [email protected] or your meeting coordinator.

Please consult your program chair deadlines for the day the program is due back to your meeting coordinator. At 11:59pm on this date, you will no longer have access to Confex and must have all of your organization complete online.  If you do choose to organize your program in excel or other program initially, we ask that you make sure you enter all of this information and organize your program in Confex by the requested date.