22nd Biennial Joint AMS/AGU Heads and Chairs Meeting

08-09 October 2020

Theme: Programmatic Pivots during the COVID-19 Pandemic


The 2020 AMS/AGU Joint Heads and Chairs Meeting will focus on success stories and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. One of the overarching discussion questions will be the following: How did we pivot the operations of our respective programs when work-at-home restrictions were imposed? Sessions are planned on topics such as: graduate and undergraduate recruitment and subsequent enrollment following the pandemic; effective advising and mentoring via Zoom; management of staff amidst family and other responsibilities; facilitation of wellness, mental health, and work-life balance; and of course online-learning and assessments. A goal of these sessions will be to share ideas on how the various programmatic aspects can be improved with the lessons learned during this virtual experiment, especially as we move into a new period of uncertainty.  


Note that contingency planning is underway for this meeting, as well as for the UCAR member’s meeting, if widespread restrictions are still in place. 


Meeting Contact

For further information about the program, contact the chair Valerie Sloan, vsloan@ucar.edu

For meeting planning and logistics, contact Ricky Sidla, rsidla@ametsoc.org