Weather Observations, Warnings, and Forecast Enhancements with Uncrewed Systems

This half day short course will give a comprehensive view of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) or drones as an observation tool for atmospheric research, primarily for profiling of the atmosphere. The goals encompass system selection, sensor integration, flight operations, and data analysis. Observations will focus on kinematic (wind) and thermodynamic (pressure, temperature, humidity) but also include other observations such as imaging, particles, and chemistry. Students will be provided case studies to demonstrate system and operational design as well as sample data to consider analytical methods. Materials provided will include presentations, analysis codes, and sample data sets.

June 11, 2024 at 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time (In Person) - 51st Conference on Broadcast Meteorology/Seventh Conference on Weather Warnings and Communication, Myrtle Beach, SC

Course Description:

The half-day short course will address the following topics:
• Unmanned Aircraft Systems Introduction
• Air Vehicle Types, Classifications and Roles: Rotorcraft and Fixed Wing Systems
• Navigation in the National Airspace
• Ground Control and Communications
• Characteristics of Sensors and Payloads
• Sensor Integration
• Data Assimilation
• Calibration/Validation
• Observations
• Thermodynamics
• Kinematics
• Imaging
• Special Use Cases (Cloud Sampling, Icing, Severe Weather)
• Demonstrations and Examples


Registration for this course will open in mid-April.

If you have questions regarding the course, please contact Jamey Jacob.


Dr. Jamey Jacob

Oklahoma State University

Dr. Phil Chilson

Ronin University

Dr. Alyssa Avery

Oklahoma State University