HPC in the Cloud: Hands-on Training

This virtual short course will provide participants with an introduction to high performance computing (HPC) in the Cloud and how it can be used to run a weather, water or climate application.

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Course Description:

High Performance Computing (HPC) is crucial to public and private organizations as a tool to help them drive innovation and revenue. Public Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) provide scalable cloud infrastructures to run HPC applications and to store the large datasets used in HPC applications. While adoption of cloud-based HPC solutions is increasing, misconceptions about cost, security and performance persist. Using large capacity cloud instances, researchers, academics, and engineers (in both private and public sector) can design, implement and deploy applications beyond the limitations of on-premise infrastructures. This short course includes: 1) an introduction to HPC in the Cloud, 2) an introduction to setting up an HPC environment in the cloud, 3) guided hands-on training on deploying an on-demand HPC application in the cloud, and 4) guided hands-on training on running a weather, water or climate application in a cloud environment.

Participants will need access to Zoom through either the web or desktop application.


Iman Gohari
Iman Gohari, Ph.D.


Marc Cotnoir
Marc Cotnoir


Kevin Jorissen
Kevin Jorissen, Ph.D.

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