Updating and Amending our Constitution

In 2022, the AMS Council assigned an ad-hoc committee to review and revise the AMS Constitution, which was last amended in 2012. The main reasons for this revision are:

Clarity & Efficiency: Our updated document is designed to streamline processes, making navigating the seas of company policies and procedures easier than ever.

Alignment & Consistency: The updated document ensures we align roles with the AMS's needs, positioning us to achieve greater consistency in our actions and decisions.

Compliance & Confidence: In today's fast-paced world, compliance is non-negotiable. Rest assured, our updated constitution is not only fully compliant with industry standards but also fortified with the latest best practices, giving us renewed confidence to chart a course toward success.

Innovation & Adaptability: We're not just keeping up with the times—we're leading the charge! Our refreshed constitution document is agile and adaptable, ready to accommodate our society's ever-evolving landscape.

Some changes are proposed to modernize the language, some to include needed text for items Council had already passed (professional conduct, student membership, separation of secretary-treasurer to two different roles), and some to be more in line with current practice.

The ad-hoc committee worked during 2022-2023, producing a draft document ensuring that the new draft Constitution aligns with our current society and its practices. The draft document was reviewed by the AMS’s legal counsel, to ensure compliance with non-profit laws (state and federal). Following a positive letter from our counsel, the AMS Council reviewed and approved the recommended changes. The version provided to you is the updated Constitution. In this document, we outline point-by-point justifications for recommended changes. Ninety days after this post, per Article XIII of our Constitution, we will seek the AMS membership vote to approve the suggested changes.

Supporting Documents: