AMS Election Process

The AMS Council is the Society‚Äôs principal governing body. It consists of the elective officers, the last two Past-Presidents, and 15 other voting members of the Society. Each is elected for a three-year term, with one-third of the Council retiring every year. Each fall, AMS Members elect new Officers and representatives to the AMS Council.

Getting on the Ballot

The election process begins with the AMS Nominating Committee, which invites AMS members to recommend nominees for President-Elect and Council each year. We seek nominees with a wide range of qualifications and capabilities to represent an inclusive and diverse community. For each sector of the AMS (academia, government, and private/NGO), three candidates are included on the ballot. The Nominating Committee spends a substantial amount of time each spring drawing up lists and reviewing potential candidates before deciding which ones should be brought to AMS Council and asked to stand for election.

Some criteria used for nominees are prior service to the AMS; a demonstrated understanding of our programs; service to the WWC community; professional accomplishments; and experience with nonprofit governance. Furthermore, diversity across all categories, including gender, race, field of expertise, career stage, and geographic representation is considered. Candidates should also showcase high ethical standards and respect for our values and principles within and outside AMS. Every effort is made to select those the committee and the AMS Council deem to have the greatest potential to advance the Society during their terms of service.

Please submit your recommendations to the Nominating Committee.

Separately from the Nominating Committee, in accordance with the AMS Constitution (Article VI, para 1), nominations may be made by petition (signed by at least 50 members) for direct inclusion of nominees on the ballot. Candidates by petition are included on the election ballot under the sector category they represent.

Voting in Elections

AMS Elections open at least 120 days prior to the Annual Meeting and all votes must be entered by the deadline, which is 60 days prior to the date of the next Annual Meeting. Members in these categories are eligible to shape the future of AMS by voting in elections:

  • Member

  • Member, Graduate Student

  • Member from Countries with Developing Economies

  • Member Emeritus

  • Voting Associates