William Parker

William Parker

With nearly 30 years in this field, I’ve realized the large implications and dependency the world has on the weather enterprise.  Serving the most vulnerable and preserving the profession are challenges the current and next AMS generation face.

As climate change continues to evolve, how do we meet growing demands that stronger and more devastating weather events have on our most vulnerable communities? I often deliver life saving messages, however, I have recognized a need for more advocacy and not just me being a messenger to the vulnerable communities I serve. If a community has nowhere to shelter, an early warning for a tornado often just becomes words people can’t act on. Due to this, I have chosen to stand with community leaders giving them another voice in government that aids in building more weather resilient communities for the less fortunate. As a founding member of the Jackson State University Center of Community Resilience, and a Meteorologist who serves one of the most vulnerable sectors of our nation, I will bring experience that will help AMS reach and address the weather impacts of the most vulnerable in our nation.    

The future of AMS is in our youth, and maintaining our relevance with the next generation has become challenging.  As the profession transforms, we must help create job opportunities for the thousands of students who are passionate about this field. As a hiring manager, I have great joy in mentoring and helping the next generation fulfill their dreams of working in this profession. However, there are so many talented individuals never getting this opportunity.  If elected to the AMS council, I want to help make our profession sustainable and expandable for future generations to experience this field as a part of their livelihood and not just an avocation.

William “Bill” Parker is a graduate of Jackson State University and currently the Meteorologist-In-Charge of the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office in Jackson, MS, better known as “Action Jackson”. This office serves some of the most weather vulnerable communities in our nation covering parts of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Bill strongly believes in serving  his local community and is a true diversity champion. Over his  nearly thirty years of service within the National Weather Service, he has successfully recruited hundreds of students to work in NOAA facilities through volunteer and internship opportunities.  As a result, Bill has received 14 awards directly related to being a diversity champion and promoting STEM education and outreach for NOAA. 

Bill understands the direct impacts hazardous weather has on minority and underserved communities.  After personally warning and alerting his own family members of the dangers of Hurricane Katrina, he also housed more than sixty evacuees after the devastating storm.  He has served in ministry for 26 years, which includes serving as a foreign missionary in Haiti, and currently serves as the Pastor of Word Alive Church and Communion House. Bill has been married to Mrs. Melanie Quincy Parker for 27 years and they have three sons and one daughter.