Terms of Reference

The AMS Board on Societal Impacts focuses on the principle of science in the service of society by considering weather and climate effects on lives, health and well-being, property, and the economy for all people, animals, and the Earth. Vision: A weather and climate enterprise where social science is integrated into research and practice.

The Board's Mission is to:  Advise and serve the AMS in matters related to societal impacts of weather and climate;  Raise awareness, encourage, and support efforts relating to societal impacts of weather and climate within AMS and the broader weather and climate enterprise;  Develop and strengthen relationships among scientists, educators, policymakers, and decision-makers from a variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to, agriculture, anthropology, communications, geography, decision science, economics, political science, psychology, public health, and sociology; and  Support the integration of social science research methods into meteorological research and practice.

The Board Will Achieve Its Mission By: Organizing and participating in AMS-sponsored and co-sponsored conferences, symposia, workshops, and sessions to train interdisciplinarians and to facilitate understanding, stimulate work, and clarify issues related to societal impacts;  Interacting with AMS committees, professional societies within and outside meteorology, and national and international agencies regarding societal impacts;  Providing advice, information, and policy statements to AMS on matters concerning societal impacts; and  Encouraging the publication of articles related to societal impacts in scholarly journals, including AMS journals.

The Board is also responsible for nominating deserving individuals for AMS Awards and Fellows.