Board on Enterprise Economic Development

Welcome to the home page for the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Board on Enterprise Economic Development (BEED). Here you can find the BEED Membership and Committees (who we are), Terms of Reference (why we exist), and reports from past meetings and events (what we've done). Thank you for visiting!

BEED Committtees
Committee on Intelligent Transportation Systems/Surface Transportation
Energy Committee
Renewable Energy Committee
Financial Weather/Climate Risk Management Committee

The AMS Financial Weather and Climate Risk Management Committee (aka FinWx) strives to form a crossroads where those from the AMS Community connect with professionals from the broader economy. 

We seek to create opportunities that develop professionals to leverage their domain expertise to increase enterprise value in all sectors capable of improving financial performance by managing weather and climate risk.


Ad Hoc Committee on Oceans, Coasts and the Blue Economy