Board on Enterprise Decision Support (BEDS)

The purpose of the Board on Enterprise Decision Support (BEDS) is to enhance AMS’ understanding of the needs of the decision support users (e.g., emergency managers, businesses), and identify opportunities to maximize the societal value of decision support services delivered by the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise.


  • To promote collaboration across the public, private, and academic sectors in the development of decision support tools, techniques, and datasets pulled from high quality, sustainable, long-term meteorological and climatological observations, models, and predictions.
  • To help clarify the various DSS roles across the Enterprise.
  • Discuss points of contention, including policy-related challenges.
  • To share DSS information across the AMS Community including best practices, social science advances, policy, etc.
BEDS Committees
Committee on Environmental Security
Water Resources Committee
Climate Services Committee
Committee on Emergency Management