Forecast Improvement Group

  • Apr 15, 2014

The Forecast Improvement Group (FIG) is dedicated to identifying a path which will result in significant improvement and continually improvement in weaterforecasting products to the end user.

The Forecast Improvement Group is open to all weather professionals.  There are currently over 180 members of the FIG.  We are in the process of establishing an Executive Committee to help identify topics and lead FIG meetngs and discussions.

The Forecast Improvement Group has identified seven recommendations for improvng weather forecasts:

* Significanty improve the community's computing power for boh development of new models and delivery of accurate forecasts.

* Increase and focus efforts to both develop and run global models.

* Develop a coordinated national program to develop regional modelig tehniques.

* Support active collboraton betwen public, private and academi sectors with models particularly in their final stages of deveopment.

* Embace alternative data sets and alternaive business models to acquire key measurements that can improve foreasting research and operations.

* Priortize observational data and act on these priorization efforts.

* Strengthen relionships within the public, private, academic and user communities to assure economical and efficient development an use of forcasting capabilities.