Board on Best Practices

Who Are We?
The American Meteorological Society (AMS) Board of Best Practices was founded by the AMS in January 2015.  The board is charged with writing a “Best Practice,” a type of statement under the guidelines for AMS Statements.  The purpose of a "Best Practice" is to alert the AMS membership, governmental and private sector organizations, and the general public to AMS endorsed best practices across sectors of the weather, water, and climate enterprise, and to promote statements of scientifically-based practices from third parties deemed worthy of the credibility and reputation of the society.  AMS Statements can be found here.  Tim Spangler is chairman of the board.  Each board member has their own pet project (so to speak) and co-chairs their own best practice along with experts inside and outside of the AMS depending on the subject matter.
Latest News:
  • The Board on Best Practices is currently looking for help establishing and writing a framework of best practices that will help managers of big retail outlets (aka - "big box stores") take the appropriate action during a weather emergency.  In order for this best practice to be thorough, complete, and accurate, we need input from structural engineers, emergency managers, retail outlet managers, and social or behavioral scientists.  If interested, please contact Tim Spangler or Rob Eicher
  • AMS Council approves first Best Practice, Best Practices for Publicly Sharing Weather Information Via Social Media, 22 January 2017