The Challenges Have Never Been Greater
But the Future is Still Bright

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We are the
american meteorological society

We are a diverse community of scientists, broadcast meteorologists, educators, policy makers, and weather enthusiasts. We have spent the past century improving severe weather forecasts, pioneering scientific breakthroughs, and promoting the understanding necessary to ensure that our planet, and the people on it, can thrive.

We're building the next 100 years of AMS. With your support, just imagine what we will accomplish next. Will you join us?

Become a Leader

Looking ahead to the next hundred years, we see a world that faces significant challenges across the atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic sciences. Be recognized for helping to move forward important initiatives at this critical time.

Donate $2019 or more this year to join...

The Centennial Leadership Circle

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The Student Centennial Leadership Circle

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Addressing Global Challenges

Help us leverage the enormous capacity of our community to help solve the world's biggest social, economic, and policy changes

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Engaging the Public

Help us promote scientific integrity and fact-based decision-making by engaging the public through innovative and expanded AMS programs

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Rapid Access to Emerging Technologies

Help us rapidly leverage new technologies, ensuring access to cutting-edge software and database systems, and expanding social network resources and networking platforms

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Bridging Disciplines

Help us bring new voices to AMS by connecting current disciplines and nurturing the intersections between them

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Empowering Our Next Generation of Scientists

Help us empower the future by funding new scholarships, fellowships, travel grants, and early career programs, particularly those that encourage diversity

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Highlighted Funds

The Women in Science Fund

Support future generations of women entering the fields of atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences through scholarships, fellowships, and travel grants to AMS meetings.

Early Career Broadcasters Travel Grant Fund

Broadcast meteorologists play a vital role in its success and serve to bridge the gap between AMS and the general public. That's why attending the AMS Annual Meeting is so important for their professional development. Donate to this fund and provide an early career broadcaster an opportunity to expand their scientific knowledge and understanding.

The integrity of science matters, and it does not come for free. Institutions such as AMS are the foundation of that integrity.

—Elke Meier and Bill Gail

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