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Climate in the Age of Empire: Weather Observers in Colonial Canada

Victoria C. Slonosky

Covering work by early French and British observers, including the most assiduous colonial weather observers, King’s Physician Jean-Francois Gaultier (1706–1756) and McGill Observatory founder Dr. Charles Smallwood (1812–1873), the book presents excerpts from weather diaries and other records that reveal, more than the climate itself, colonial attitudes toward it.

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What’s New

  • Data rescuer, history champion. AMS Books author Vicky Slonosky publishes Climate in the Age of Empire, about colonial Canada’s weather networks, on the heels of the launch of DRAW, a volunteer effort to transcribe McGill Observatory’s historical weather logs.
  • The Great New England Hurricane. We can’t stop remembering the 1938 storm, even past its 80th anniversary in September, as AMS Books authors Lourdes Avilés and Louis Uccellini speak at a Hofstra University Event.
  • Calling all weather photographers! Alongside his reporting on major weather events for Weather Underground, AMS Books author Bob Henson is updating the bestselling The Thinking Person’s Guide to Climate Change. Think you have a good photo for the 2nd edition’s new cover? Get in touch with us! 
  • Join a proud tradition. AMS Books topics in the works: Abbe and Fujita biographies, the related histories of photography and meteorology, intersections of weather and psychology, atmospheric optics, and more! Contribute your ideas or expertise on these subjects today!
  • Talking shop. AMS Books is once again mounting a series of Book Talks featuring some of its authors as well as its writers with projects in the works. Prepare your questions about topics and processes and bring them to the Resource Center during Poster Sessions at the 2019 AMS Annual Meeting. More info to come!

Featured Author

Meet Lourdes B. Avilés

On a previous anniversary of the storm, Dr. Avilés, author of Taken by Storm, 1938: A Social and Meteorological History of the Great New England Hurricane, talks with Chris Jensen on NHPR about New England’s greatest storm.

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