2020 Conference Cochair Application

Since 1960, the AMS Conference on Severe Local Storms (SLS) has been a thriving forum for disseminating cutting edge scientific research, operational knowledge, and studies of the societal impact and response to tornadoes, hail, flash flooding, and other hazards associated with convective storms. With the 2018 SLS conference in Stowe, Vermont, quickly approaching, it is time to begin thinking about the 2020 meeting.

The AMS Committee on Severe Local Storms, a part of the Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC), is soliciting proposals for a team of two individuals to organize the 30th Conference on Severe Local Storms to be held in 2020. Among other responsibilities, the cochairs are expected to: write and disseminate a call for abstracts; help select an optimal meeting time, location, and accommodations; organize a program committee; establish an overall theme and agenda for the meeting, special activities, and any planned receptions and awards; and solicit financial sponsorship for events. Some of these activities will be performed in consultation with AMS staff and/or STAC members.

Candidate teams interested in serving as co-chairs for the conference should present an approximately 1-page (single spaced) proposal to the SLS STAC committee. Proposals should narrate an overarching theme and organization of the conference program, describe how this plan will appeal to members of the SLS community, list any possible innovations to the traditional execution of the conference, and indicate the skills that the candidates possess that would reflect on their ability to serve as co-chairs.

Co-chair teams will be considered based on the quality of their proposal to facilitate practical communication of knowledge within the SLS community, and to appeal to and integrate a broad diversity of participants. Such diversity includes those with different academic backgrounds, career stages (e.g., students, early-, mid-, or late-career professionals, etc.) and tracks (e.g., academia, private sector, research labs, and operations), demographics (e.g., age, gender, and ethnicity), and job perspectives (physical science, social science, operations and forecasting, communication of weather threats, etc.) who use a wide variety of scientific research techniques including observations, surveys, idealized or real-data numerical simulations, data assimilation, and theoretical work.

Proposals should be emailed to James Marquis (jmarquis@cswr.org), Jeff Snyder (jeffrey.snyder@noaa.gov), and Curtis Alexander (curtis.alexander@noaa.gov) by 12 October 2018 for consideration by the SLS STAC committee prior to the 2018 SLS conference. The co-chairs for the 30th Conference on Severe Local Storms will be determined during the SLS STAC meeting in October 2018 and likely announced during the 29th conference at Stowe.