Share Your Story in a Short Interview

Help AMS celebrate 100 years of meteorological advances by contributing your story in a ten-minute interview.

Share a story about your education, career, research, or any other facet of your experiences as a meteorologist. Your perspectives on your career and on the innovations in atmospheric science and remote sensing over the last several decades will serve as a vital primary resource in the history of meteorology. You might also consider talking about:

•    Your decision to become a meteorologist and why you decided on that career
•    A professor or mentor who made a difference in your undergraduate or graduate education
•    The evolution of satellite capabilities and its intersection with your career
•    Your perspective as a remote sensing or satellite scientist and where future systems will take us

Your account will be highlighted during the AMS Centennial celebration and archived along with other interviews in the AMS Oral History Project.

Please stop by the Independence Boardroom in the Westin Hotel during the conference or email to make an appointment.

Interviewers: Jinny Nathans, AMS Archivist and Curator, and Jean Phillips, Director, Communications and Library Services, Space Science and Engineering Center, UW–Madison