Précis: Best Practices for Software Preservation and Sharing

Statement Drafting Committee

If you would like to be considered for service on the drafting committee for this statement, please send your name and contact information with a brief description of your background to the AMS Council at the following e-mail address:

The AMS policy statement, “Best Practices for Software Preservation and Sharing” will complement the recently updated AMS data policy statement “Full, Open, and Timely Access to Data” [6] by describing the society’s associated principles and recommendations on software preservation and sharing. The statement will describe the society’s position on how to deal with issues related to software such as defining what software is covered, versioning, intellectual property rights, restrictive licenses, and the expectations for sharing and access.

Selected communities have already drafted software citation guidelines and principles, such as the ESIP Software and Services Citation Guidelines and Examples [1] and the FORCE-11 Software Citation Principles [2], which provide a good foundation on the topic. To support the particular needs of the AMS and Atmospheric Sciences communities, this policy statement will clarify the society’s position on software preservation and sharing with the goals of: 1) supporting growing community expectations for open research practices that facilitate reproducibility and replicability in science [3], 2) positioning the society to be better aligned with the principles of the Enabling FAIR Data Project [4], and 3) providing the basis for revamping the AMS publications author instructions regarding software preservation, access, and citation.

Creation and adoption of this policy statement will benefit AMS members and the public by emphasizing the society’s commitment to open science practices. Specifically, the policy statement will help the AMS further community efforts to support open science, and promote the principles, benefits, and best practices being developed by initiatives such as the Enabling FAIR Data Project to AMS members, and the broader Atmospheric Sciences community.


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