AMS Position Letters

From time to time, AMS signs letters of support with other organizations in an effort to reach policy and thought leaders on critically important topics across the greater scientific community.

3 April 2013
Joint letter to OSTP by publishers on collaborating to implement coordinated approach to providing public access to research results
11 February 2013
Letter to Congress seeking balanced approach to deficit reduction signed by 3,200 organizations
8 February 2013
Request for national summit on climate change
28 November 2012
Support for strengthening the Resiliency of our Nation on the Ground Act
20 November 2012
Joint letter to OMB Director regarding the new and proposed federal employee travel restrictions
5 March 2012
Leading organizations oppose the Federal Research Public Access Act
30 June 2011
Letter of support for Office of Government Ethics proposed rule
14 June 2011
Letter urging adequate funding to sustain environmental observation capabilities
26 May 2011
Support for Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS)
8 March 2011
AMS submission to the U.K. House of Commons Committee on Science and Technology review of peer review
2 August 2010
Comment on NASA Authorization Act of 2010
14 May 2010
Letter to President of University of Virginia concerning Virginia AG investigation
21 October 2009
Leading Scientific Organizations Reaffirm Consensus on Climate Change in a Letter to Senators
10 June 2009
Statement and Recommendations on Visa Problems Harming America's Scientific, Economic, and Security Interests
10 February 2009
Support for Dr. Jame Lubchenco as NOAA Administrator
21 January 2009
Support for NOAA Recovery and Reinvestment Act
7 July 2008
Support for the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) Testbed
12 June 2008
Comment on Title II of NASA Authorization Act of 2008
28 May 2008
Comment on NASA Authorization Act of 2008
13 March 2008
Comment letter on Senate Bill S. 2307, Global Change Research Improvement Act of 2007
11 September 2007
Campaign for Environmental Literacy House support letter
11 September 2007
Campaign for Environmental Literacy Senate support letter
2 August 2007
National Hurricane Research Initiative support letter
22 June 2007
FAA R&D support letter
8 December 2006
Leadership of CCSP