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News items displayed here provide a sampling of how developments and topics in meteorology and related fields are being covered in the mainstream media. This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing.

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23 October 2018
Hurricane Willa Forces Thousands to Evacuate Along Mexico's Pacific Coast
9 February 2018
Trump signed a bill that gives millions to the US agency in charge of climate and weather science
the agency to get better weather satellites, improve hurricane intensity forecasting, and enhance their supercomputing infrastructure. John
9 February 2018
If you live in Florida, doctors say climate change is already affecting your health
fund anything from tree planting to helping officials streamline their hurricane preparedness plan. “The county health departments really
8 February 2018
New CREWS initiative for the Caribbean
reduced because we saw them coming. Forecasting models accurately predicted the hurricane path and anticipated their extreme intensities
8 February 2018
In keynote address, Alley urges scientists to express value of their work
, Alley stressed the value of weather forecasting to the assembled meteorologists. “The Galveston hurricane killed 8,000 people in 1900.
28 December 2017
The record-breaking megadisasters of 2017, explained
now,” Jeff Rosenfeld, editor-in-chief of Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, which published the report, said. “We’re virtually
28 December 2017
Stunning satellite image shows lake effect snow over Great Lakes
two-day snowfall. The National Weather Service office in Cleveland says the storm brought 34 inches on Christmas Day, a new all-time daily
27 December 2017
The 10 most incredible photos from an astounding year in weather
season from hell is finally over The National Hurricane Center issued its best forecasts this year California super bloom A wildflower
27 December 2017
In all likelihood, someday the sun will knock out the grid
our star down to Earth for people. She’s working with the American Meteorological Society to create a space-weather-broadcast certification.
20 November 2017
Satellite Imagery Aids Rescue Efforts for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria
Satellite Imagery Aids Rescue Efforts for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria
9 December 2019
New Research Examines Climate Change's Role in 2018 Extreme Weather Events

AMS released the eighth edition of the report, Explaining Extreme Events in 2018 from a Climate Perspective, featuring the research of 121 scientists from 13 countries looking at both historical observations and model simulations to determine whether and by how much climate change may have influenced particular extreme events. 

12 August 2019
Annual State of the Climate Report Released Showing Effects of Planet's Warming Across Multitudes of Key Indicators

A new State of the Climate report released today by AMS confirms that 2018 was one of the hottest years on record.

31 January 2019

AMS announces that Professor Anthony J. Broccoli of Rutgers University has been appointed Publications Commissioner, effective January 6, 2019.

10 December 2018

New Studies Reveal Clear Ties between Today's Extremes and Human Causes

1 May 2018

AMS announced that Dr. Ward R. Seguin has been appointed chief editor of the Glossary of Meteorology, effective January 1, 2018.

1 March 2018

AMS announced that Dr. Henry P. Huntington of Huntington Consulting, in Eagle River, Alaska, has been appointed chief editor of the AMS journal Weather, Climate, and Society (WCAS).

23 February 2018

AMS announced today the launch of a new program, Early Career Leadership Academy (ECLA), which seeks to build and sustain a diverse network of early careers leaders across the weather, water, and climate science community

9 January 2018
AMS Publications Partners with Kudos

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) announced that it has signed a multiyear contract with Kudos, the award-winning service for maximizing the reach and impact of research publications.

13 December 2017
Human Influence on Climate Led to Several Major Weather Extremes in 2016

Global heat, regional heat, and marine heat records were not possible without human-caused climate change

16 November 2017
AMS Announces Winners of 2018 Election

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) announced the winners of its 2018 elections for AMS president-elect as well as five new Council members, based on AMS membership voting.  

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The Energy Sector and Earth Observations, Sciences, and Services

(Adopted by the AMS Council on 27 September 2019)

Best Practices for Data Management

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Climate Change

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27 March 2020
“Decision-making under meteorological uncertainty” for D-Day’s Famous Forecast
The success of the D-Day Invasion of Normandy was due in part to one of history’s most famous weather forecasts, but new research shows this scientific success resulted more from luck than skill. Oft-neglected historical documentation, including audio files of top-secret phone calls, shows the forecasters were experiencing a situation still researched and practiced today: “decision-making […]
27 March 2020
COVID-19 and the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise
by Mary Glackin, AMS President In normal times, our thousands of AMS professionals and colleagues are completely dedicated to helping people make the best possible weather-, water-, and climate-related decisions. In this COVID-19 period, were not just providing critical information; we are also receiving it. We are each of us following guidance from public health […]
26 March 2020
AMS’s New Culture and Inclusion Cabinet
by Keith L. Seitter, CCM, AMS Executive Director One of the AMS Core Values is: “We believe that a diverse, inclusive, and respectful community is essential for our science.” AMS lives this value, which is articulated in the Centennial Update to the AMS Strategic Goals. We work to foster a culture that celebrates our diversity, […]
25 March 2020
Snowflake Selfies as Meteo Teaching Tools
Undergrads at Penn State recently took to their cellphones to mingle with and snap pics of tiny snowflakes to reinforce meteorological concepts. The class, called “Snowflake Selfies” and described in a new paper in BAMS, was designed to use low-cost, low-tech methods that can be widely adapted at other institutions to engage students in hands-on […]
17 March 2020
Observations without Fear: NOAA’s Drones for Hurricane Hunting
Nowhere is it more dangerous to fly in a hurricane than right near the roiling surface of the ocean. These days, hurricane hunting aircraft wisely steer clear of this boundary layer, but as a result observations at the bottom of the atmosphere where we experience storms are scarce. Enter the one kind of plane that’s fearless about filling this […]