Minutes of the November 15, 2010 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

The November meeting was held in Morristown at the National Weather Service office. Around ten people met first for dinner at O'Charley's in Morristown, and then around 15 to 20 people assembled at the NWS office to hear a presentation about the Nashville epic flood from this past May. The program was in two parts: 1) a review of the synoptic and mesoscale factors of the May 1-4, 2010 epic flood at Nashville by David Hotz (Science and Operations Officer) and 2) the impact of the Nashville flood if it happened over east Tennessee (part 1) by Tim Troutman (Warning Coordination Meteorologist). David looked at why the Nashville flood happened, and then Tim looked at what would have happened if that rainfall had occurred over east Tennessee. Tim mainly focused on the potential impacts on the tributaries of the Tennessee River in east Tennessee. Part 2 of Tim's presentation (to be presented at a later date since he'll have to work with TVA for this information) will be the effects of the excessive rainfall on the mainstem Tennessee river. After the program, there was a tour of the NWS office for the attendees.

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