Minutes of the March 15, 2004 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

Everyone met at Barley's in the Old City of downtown Knoxville around 6:15 PM. After dinner, the meeting commenced at the Ag. Engr. Bldg. on the UT Ag. campus around 8 PM. Dale mentioned to everyone that we could really use volunteers for officers in the upcoming year. It was ultimately decided to keep the current officers in place for another year.

Dr. Joshua Fu (professor at University of Tennessee at Knoxville) spoke on "Intercontinental air pollutants transport, China air quality modeling assessment, and regional air quality modeling". Dale mentioned that "this should be especially interesting since the Summer Olympics will be held in Beijing in 2008, and I can attest from visiting there that there is quite an air pollution problem that needs to be addressed!"

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