Minutes of the March 20, 2000 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

The meeting was held at Logan's Roadhouse (201 Cedar Lane, Knoxvile), from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. New officers, elected through internet ballot, were introduced: Dale Kaiser (ORNL-ESD) President, Mark Johnson (WBIR-TV) Vice-President and Cindy Stiles (UTK) Secretary/Treasurer. Treasurer's report: savings balance of $15 and checking balance of $278.33. Membership dues for 2000 are due and failure to pay will result in dropping from membership lists. Bank account will be shifted to NBC bank for continual service rather than re-application every time a new set of officers takes the helm. Award to be given for regional science fair winner with meteorological interest subject will be a plaque and a $100 savings bond ($50 contributed by Jerry McDuffie on behalf of AMS-SMC - Thanks Jerry!)

Dale Kaiser gave a brief appreciation speech, complimenting Jerry McDuffie and Ray Hosker on their tireless efforts to see this organization off the ground and flying. Dale also asks for suggestions for activities and creative interaction with the public.

Our speaker for the evening was Dave Hotz, senior forecaster at the NWS Morristown office. Dave spoke about severe weather climatology and statistical trends over the past two decades in East Tennessee.

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