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"The development and dissemination of the knowledge of meteorology in all its phases and applications and the advancement of its professional ideals."

Membership in the North Texas Chapter is open to anyone who has an interest in meteorology, pays chapter dues, and agrees to abide by the chapter's constitution.
Membership in the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association at the national level is encouraged, but is not required.

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Next Chapter Meeting:

Date: Tuesday, September 13th, 2022
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Virtual Meeting on Zoom

Recent Chapter Meetings:

Date:Tuesday, May 10th, 2022
Topic:Dr. Marshall Shepherd In 21 Pictures. Perspectives on Science, Society and More Along The Way  YouTube
Speaker:Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd

Date:Tuesday, April 19th, 2022
Topic:The Making of a Weather Geek: Two Classic Storms in '75  YouTube
Speaker:Rick Mitchell NBC 5 DFW

Date:Tuesday, March 8th, 2022
Topic:GIS Applications: Next Generation Tools to Analyze Weather Information from the National Weather Service  YouTube
Speaker:Derek Giardino, Lead Hydrologists West Gulf River Forecast Center

Date:Tuesday, February 8th, 2022
Topic:Coordinating Cascading Impacts during Historic Times - A Look at the February 2021 Winter Weather/Power Outage Event  YouTube
Speaker:Dr. Maribel Martinez-Mejia, Emergency Management Coordinator/City of Fort Worth future Emergency Preparedness Manager/Interim Director with the North Central Texas Council of Governments

Date:Tuesday, January 11th, 2022
Topic:An Analysis of Communication Using Twitter During the Historic February 2021 Texas Winter Storm  YouTube
Speaker:Juan Hernandez, Fort Worth NWS Meteorologist

Date:Tuesday, December 14th, 2021
Topic:Pressure Gradient Gone Wild March 13, 2019  YouTube
Speaker:Mark Fox, NWS Norman WFO MIC

Date:Tuesday, November 9th, 2021
Topic:Marching to the Heat of a Different Drum  YouTube
Speaker:Dr. Kevin Kloesel

Date:Tuesday, September 14th, 2021
Topic:Hurricane Ida  YouTube
Speaker:Timothy Marshall

Date:Tuesday, May 11th, 2021
Topic:Garland/Rowlett EF-4 tornado and the associated social science research we've done
Speaker:Dennis Cavanaugh

Date:Tuesday, April 13th, 2021
Topic:Improving Risk Communication for Tornado Threats  YouTube
Speaker:Dr. Kim Klockow-McClain

Date:Tuesday, March 9th, 2021
Topic:An introduction to the Minuteman Disaster Response organization  YouTube
Speaker:Greg Story

Date:Tuesday, February 9th, 2021
Topic:Chapter officers  YouTube

Date:Tuesday, September 8th, 2020
Topic:October 20th Dallas Tornado
Speaker:Jason Dunn, NWS Meteorologist

Date:Tuesday, May 19th, 2020
Topic:Challenges of being a TV met during Covid  YouTube
Speaker:Nestor Flecha from Telemundo in Dallas/Fort Worth

Date:Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
Topic:How the city prepares for and responds to weather events
Speaker:Maribel Martinez from Fort Worth office of Emergency Management

Date:Tuesday, February 11th, 2020
Topic:2019 major hazardous material incident in the Houston area
Speaker:Lance Wood, Science and Operations Officer from WFO Houston

Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Topic:Warn on Forecast
Speaker:Dr. Chad Gravelle, Chief Research Scientist, NOAA/NWS Operations Proving Ground

Date:Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Topic:National Blend of Models
Speaker:John (JJ) Brost - Chapter President, Science and Training Branch Chief at Southern Region Headquarter

Date:Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Topic:CoCoRaHS and our need for more observers
Speaker:Greg Story, West Gulf River Forecast Center

Date:Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Speaker:KRLD Meteorologist Dan Brounoff

Date:Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Topic:Tornado Shelters
Speaker:Tim Marshall, P.E., Meteorologist, Principal Engineer Haag Engineering

Date:Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Topic:Expect an interesting topic, provided Tim can find his way back to Texas by Tuesday
Speaker:Tim Marshall, P.E., Meteorologist, Principal Engineer Haag Engineering

Date:Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Topic:Recent work in predicting lighting activity based on GOES-16 satellite data
Speaker:Cindy Elsenheimer, Souther Region Headquarters

Date:Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Date:Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Topic:The Unique Challenges of Weather Hazards Impacting a College Community
Speaker:Robyn Warren, International Risk Control Coordinator at University of North Texas

Date:Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Topic:The Making of An IMET
Speaker:Steve Fano, Forecaster from WFO Fort Worth

Date:Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Topic:Hillwood Middle School YES program
Speaker:JJ Brost and Gwynn Christmas

Date:Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Topic:The Evolution of Impact Decision Support Services (IDSS) and how Southern Region Headquarters has adopted the ICS structure to support large events.
Speaker:Chris McKinney, Impact-based Decision Support Services Program Manager

Date:Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Speaker:Alan Gerard, Division Chief, NSSL

Date:Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Speaker:Dr. Patrick Marsh, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Office of the Director, Storm Prediction Center (SPC)

Date:Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Topic:The nuts and bolts of weather models
Speaker:Ted Ryan, NWS Forecaster

Date:Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Topic:Being an IMET
Speaker:Kurt Van Speybroeck - Emergency Response Specialist SRH ROC

Date:Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Topic:Current river forecast operations, new and exciting tools on the horizon, and how River Forecast Center's conduct Decision Support Services with core partners
Speaker:Gregory Waller - Service Coordination Hydrologist West Gulf River Forecast Center

Date:Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Topic:Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Hazardous Weather
Trevor Boucher - Meteorologist for NWS at San Antonio TX

Date:Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Topic:Hurricane season forecast challenges, the resulting impacts, and some of the impressive statistics that came out of the season
Speaker:John (JJ) Brost - Chapter President, Science and Training Branch Chief at Southern Region Headquarters

Date:Tuesday, May 1, 2017
Topic:Risk communication, especially among a wide range of local, regional, and national partners
Speaker:Jennifer McNatt, MIC of the Southern Regional Operations Center

Date:Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Topic:Weather messaging and how messages are perceived
Speaker:Dr. Susan Jasko

Date:Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Topic:2015 Floods
Speaker:Gregory Waller

Date:Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Topic:Overview of the big and small weather events of 2016
Speaker:Lamont Bain, Forecaster, Weather Forecast Office Fort Worth, TX

Date:Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Topic:December tornadoes of 2015
Speaker:Tim Marshall, P.E., Meteorologist, Principal Engineer Haag Engineering

Date:Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Topic:Radar principles, radar data, and why the radar does what it does
Speaker:Lee Carlaw, (WFO FWD)

Date:Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Topic:A case review of the record hail (for the metroplex) in Wylie, in April 2016.
Speaker:Matt Stalley (WFO FWD)

Date:Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Topic:Review of the Cool, Texas QLCS tornado from March 7, 2016. The event will be a review of the meteorological conditions and the warning decision making from that event
Speaker:Jennifer Dunn (WFO FWD)

Date:Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Topic:What's our role? Will we have one? A brief look at the future of operational meteorology
Speaker:Tom Bradshaw, Meteorologist in Charge, Fort Worth National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office

Date:Monday, April 25, 2016
Topic:December 26th tornado, including the lead up, the storm itself, and the aftermath
Speaker:Mollie Rivas, Emergency Manager for the City of Garland

Date:Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Topic:Dry line and the importance of the dry line in producing severe thunderstorms
Speaker:Ted Ryan, NWS Forecaster

Date:Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Topic:Analog Forecasting
Speaker:JJ Brost, Science and Training Branch Chief at Southern Region Headquarters

Date:Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Topic:We take a look back at the weather events of 2015. Record rains, record flooding, and record tornadoes. Plus, there will be a mini case study of the December 26th tornado.
Speaker:Mark Fox

Date:Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Topic:Joins us remotely to talk about a number of things, or "whatever he wants to talk about."
Speaker:Dr. J. Marshall Sheppard, University of Georgia Professor, host of Weather Geeks, and past President of the AMS

Date:Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Topic:Communications and Weather Forecasts
Speaker:Gary Szatkowski, MIC of the Philadelphia (Mt. Holly) WFO

Date:Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Topic:North/Central Texas Tornado Climatology & Applications
Speaker:Jennifer Dunn, Forecaster and Lamont Bain, Meteorologist Intern, Weather Forecast Office Fort Worth, TX

Date:Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Topic:Overview of the 2015 severe storm season, including the bigger tornadoes (Van, Cisco, Johnson County) and a special topic about tornado detection from longer ranges from the radar beam.
Speaker:Dennis Cavanaugh, Lead Forecaster
Weather Forecast Office Fort Worth, TX

Date:Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Topic:Flash Flooding: Observational Perspectives and Future Classification
Speaker:Dr. Amanda Schroeder, Meteorologist
Weather Forecast Office Fort Worth, TX

Date:Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Topic:Weather Myths that Refuse to Die
Speaker:Steve Lanore, Chief Meteorologist KXII Sherman TX; Author, Twister Tales: Unraveling Tornado Myths

Date:Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Topic:El Reno Damage Survey
Speaker:Tim Marshall, P.E., Meteorologist, Principal Engineer Haag Engineering

Date:Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Topic:The National Weather Service’s Emerging Technology Integrated Work Team and Its Role in Information Delivery and Communication via Social Media
Speaker:Corey Pieper - National Weather Service Southern Region HQ

Date:Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Topic:Connecting the dots: A communications model of the North Texas IWT
Speaker:Dennis Cavanaugh
Lead Forecaster
Weather Forecast Office Fort Worth, TX

Date:Thursday, December 11th, 2014
Topic:WFAA Channel 8 Tour

Date:Tuesday, November 18th, 2014
Topic:Disseminating Accurate Weather Information in the Social Media Age
Speaker:David Reimer and Jenny Brown of The Texas Storm Chasers

Date:Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
Topic:Communicating the severity of impacts - How bad is bad? Also tidbits from the Oct 2, 2014 storms.
Speaker:Mark Fox
Warning & Coordination Meteorologist
National Weather Service - Fort Worth /Dallas

Date:Date: Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
Topic:An introduction of what can be seen at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Speaker:Krista Villarreal Moore
Communications and PR Manager
Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Date: Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
Topic: HailSTONE Research & Oklahoma Record Hail 23 May 2011
Speaker: Dennis Cavanaugh, WFO Fort Worth/Dallas

Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Topic: Career events
Speaker: Rebecca Miller

Date: Thursday, March 27, 2014
Topic: The El Reno, Oklahoma, Tornado of 2013
Speaker: Tim Marshall, Haag Engineering

Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Topic: Combined field trip to the NWS Fort Worth Center Weather Service Unit and KXAS-TV (Channel 5)

Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Topic: JetStream, the NWS Online Weather School.
Speaker: Dennis Cain, WFO Fort Worth/Dallas

Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Topic: Model Performance Leading up to the January 15, 2013 Winter Weather Event
Speaker: Dennis Cavanaugh, WFO Fort Worth/Dallas

Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Topic: What Happens Behind the Cameras
Speaker: Colleen Coyle, WFAA Channel 8

Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Topic: Severe Weather Warning Climatologies
Speaker: Patrick Marsh, Storm Prediction Center

Membership Application Form (pdf)

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