Last Update 09/05/08
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The North Florida Chapter of the AMS is actively involved in a wide array of outreach programs, including participation in local area schools through biweekly presentations on the weather, judging and providing tutoring for Science Fair and Science Olympiad projects at competitions across North Florida and South Georgia, reaching out to the community through periodic clothing and food drives benefiting local charities, as well as professional outreach to our members and the local meteorological community in general.

Furthermore, one of the newly added functions of the North Florida Chapter is the formation of a K-12 Weather Club in Tallahassee at Florida High. Designed as a pilot program to draw interested children from the 31,000+ students in Leon County schools into learning more about the weather, the Weather Club is an initiative that can hopefully integrate the vast array of meteorological resources available to our chapter members with the academic programs of teachers across the region towards exciting children about the weather through hands-on experiences and activities.

We welcome the participation of any local businesses, teachers, and professionals within the community towards the launch and development of the Weather Club, and further information will be available in the coming weeks. Currently, information on our school outreach programs is available by visiting the School Programs information page. Our Science Fair/Science Olympiad programs are detailed on the Science Fair information page, while information on our community outreach programs is available via the Community information page. Please e-mail the Coordinator of Academic Programs via with any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest in the outreach programs of the North Florida Chapter of the AMS.