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Global Science & Technology, Inc. an AMS Corporate Member, has headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland and two branch offices in Fairmont, West Virginia. It also has staff working in U.S. Government offices in Arlington, Virginia (NASA Peer Review Services), Asheville, North Carolina (NOAA's National Climatic Data Center), Boulder, Colorado (NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center), and Suitland, Maryland (NOAA's Office of Satellite Operations). GST provides superior service in the fields of science, engineering, Information Technology, and technical support to worldwide government, industry, and academic clients. GST has built a highly specified workforce that includes experts in these key domains. From projects such as instrument engineering for the Hubble Space Telescope program, to meteorology, software engineering, and satellite communications—GST is committed to technical excellence and customer satisfaction. GST has built a global reputation for serving clients through effective technology utilization and an intense customer focus. Our passion for innovation, tempered by years of real-world business experience, has made us a technology solution provider of choice for Government and industry alike. GST prides itself on the public and private partnerships it has built and maintained since 1991.

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