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In 2009 the Board on Women and Minorities started a formal mentoring program for the AMS Minority Scholarship winners. One of the Board members, Rebecca Jennings has been instrumental in pairing students with mentors and has continued this effort with the 2010-2011 scholarship winners. Students as part of their scholarship are offered the opportunity to participate in a mentorship with a member of the meteorological community. The purpose of this mentoring relationship is to pair the student with a professional in the field of meteorology, atmospheric sciences, etc., who can provide them with advice, guidance, and assistance as they begin their academic career. Students are paired with mentors that share their general interest and also can guide them in pursuing specific career paths.

Mentors, 2010-2011

Student Mentor Special Interests
Ashley Sebree Ashley Sebree TBD
Andrea Franco Gina Eosco TBD
Edumin Corrales Rick Knabb TBD

Mentors, 2009-2010

Student Mentor Special Interests
Casey Grenet David Bernard Broadcast Met
Dathan Rivera Daniel Dix TWC
Zach Hansen Brandon Bolinski Government/NOAA/NWS
Brittany Bell Kathy Sherman-Morris Broadcast Met/MSU
Ana Ordonez Andrea Schumacher Research/Engineering
Peter Ramirez Tanja Fransen TBD




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