Chapter News
May 2010


On May 19th, the Chapter held their monthly meeting at the Gainesville Conference Room aboard Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. A wide variety of expertise was present from the Broadcast, Operational and Research fields. Business was handled in order to establish a rotating meeting venue plan to ensure maximum participation along the coast. The decision was made to set a standard meeting day as the third Thursday of the month. The times will also vary but we think in the long run it will work out the best for everyone involved.

From L to R: Ed Ring, Vice Pres.; LTJG Heesch, Sec-Treas.;

Dr. Blackwell, Guest Speaker; AG1 Davis, CCM, Pres.

Our guest speaker this month was Dr. Keith Blackwell of the University of South Alabama’s Coastal Weather Research Center. Dr. Blackwell discussed the Operations of CWRC and USA’s Meteorology Program. He then moved into an overview of the very quiet 2009 year and discussed the large scale aspects that led to this breath of relief after 2008 and 2005. Soon thereafter, the discussion moved to the potential of Hurricanes in the 2010 season which clearly appears to be setting up for a fierce year with increased anomalies in the Atlantic generation areas as well as changes in the upper level wind patterns.


We also talked about his recent trip to the AMS’s 29th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology and the aspects that are of great concern, especially on the improvement of intensity forecasting. This was also emphasized during the 2009 season review in regards to the relatively accurate track forecasting but repeated early over-forecasting of storm intensity. After the presentation a question and answer period and discussion ensued bringing up questions related to storm effects on the Oil Spill, how the relaxed 2009 season may have affected Hurricane preparedness, and how no matter how much we try to get the word out, there are those who still won’t listen. Let’s hope that our efforts as a Society will make more people aware of the need to be ready for everything weather can bring their way!


We topped the day off with an engaging visit to NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center where the members received an operations overview and a tour of various aspects of the Center’s facilities to include the Data Assembly Center and the Buoy Production Bays. While many of the attendees often use the Buoy Center’s services they were very surprised by the effort and wide array of material and personnel that are used in making that mission happen daily.


The Chapter is looking forward to another exciting meeting on June 17th in Gulfport, Mississippi. Please come visit us if you are in the area. Contact the Secretary-Treasurer at for more information.---Jonathan R. Heesch.



May 4, 2010

Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center, Westampton, NJ 

From Left to Right: Bill Read, Director National Hurricane Center, Paul Heppner, President Delaware-Philadelphia Area AMS Chapter, Paul Smith,

Secretary, Delaware-Philadelphia Area AMS Chapter, Gary Szatkowski, Meteorologist-in-Charge, NWS Mount Holly, NJ,

Dr. Steve Lyons, Meteorologist-in-Charge, San Angelo, TX and formerly hurricane expert for the Weather Channel. ---Paul Smith.  



May Newsletter.---Andrea Bleistein and Samantha Segall.



Minutes from:

May 4th, 2010

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Matt Saari - President

Miranda Hilgers - Vice President

Scott Rowe- Treasurer

Justin Weber- Secretary

Chris Kruse

Andrea Neuman

Joe Hansel

Nichole Shotwell

Kelly Buer

Alec Davis

Melissa Becker

Kelsey Watkins

Leah Tatarak

Erin Bertschi

Call to Order:

              President Matt Saari called the AMS meeting to order at 5:01

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 04-20-2010 were read and approved

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: N.R

-Vice-President’s Report: N.R

-Secretary’s Report: N.R

-Treasurer’s Report: $3882.50 (Still some vouchers to be written out) 


Old Business:


Website- Expanding the layout but up next fall.  Minutes will appear there

Broomball- Finished season.  Good season over .500. 4-3. Playoff game was epic.

Big Event- Worked at Redeemer Lutheran.  Cleaned the inside of the church and edged sidewalks.  Lots of fun.

Chapter of the Year Award- Did not apply, needed to be mailed and ran out of time.  Will be a cumulative project

Popcorn Lotto- Wasn’t eligible because we were awarded a spot last year and more than 20 members showed up.

Constitution- Approved copy has been submitted.

Banquet- Went real well.  Ran out of dinner rolls. Perhaps we can lower price so it’s more affordable (some didn’t come because of price) Look at budgeting to cut costs, since we have near 4,000 in the bank.  Perhaps consider a vegetarian option.

New Business:        

-Hot Dog Fundraiser- Thursday.  

-Spring Picnic- Sunday at 4pm.  Kickball at 3pm.  Justin will find out what the faculty/grad students will bring to the picnic. 

-Fall 2010 Involvement Expo- August 25th, our application was submitted. We will be planning it over the summer. 

-Frosh Orientation- Begin planning for the specific orientation for the new freshman.

-Emailing Frosh- Sign-up went around.  List should come from MaryAnn or Wanda mid-summer. 

*Committees didn’t meet.

-Education/Outreach Committee

-Fundraising Committee

-Banquet Committee


-Activities Committee


-First meeting will be the second Tuesday of the new semester.

-Have a great summer!

-Picnic is Sunday May 9th.

-Hot Dog Fundraiser is Thursday May 6th.



-The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:23 p.m---Justin Weber.



May 25th, 2010

Congrats to our new officers for next year! President: Nicole Grams Vice President: Kyle Clem Treasurer : Alex Wovrosh Secretary: Alex Steinkamp Events Coordinator: Ryan Langen

We will be holding a meeting for all the Officers and the new Chairs of the chapter. We will be discussing what our plans for next year will be. We want to get the ball moving early next year when we all come back from summer break. 

StormReady committee is almost put together. We will be holding interviews for the final position on Thursday. The Chair is Alex Steinkamp, with Cody Jones as Co-Chair. There has already been some progress with getting StormReady in gear. Alex has met with the Lieutenant of the Ohio University Police department. Nicole Grams has met with Judy Piercy from Director of Residential Housing. Our next meeting will be with Jill Harris, the Manager of Emergency Programs. We are on our way to get the university StormReady!

Volunteering with the second graders at Logan Elementary went very well. Thank you to Nicole Grams, Kyle Clem, and Kaitlin Burr for volunteering to go and help teach the kids a little about the weather. The kids had a lot of fun with the experiments that you had them do. They had fun and learned about the weather at the same time. 

Thanks to everyone that came to Dr. Fogt's cookout. Everyone had a lot of fun, whether it was by playing football, or playing N64, everyone had a great time. It was a good way to end the year with everyone coming together for some food and a good time. 

The volleyball game yesterday afternoon was a success. A total of 10 people showed up to play on the sand courts. We are looking to play another game sometime before the end of the quarter. 

We don't have enough time to do any fundraising this quarter. The quarter is almost up, and with finals coming up in the next few weeks, no one will have time to do anything. We will hit fundraising hard in the fall when we come back from break. 

We are going to have the officers visit the National Weather Service office in Charleston West Virginia in the fall. We want to get some new connections with the NWS office with the upperclassmen leaving. We will have a visit with more of the chapter later in the year for a tour of the office. 
Congrats once again to the two Hollings Scholars in the chapter, Alex Wovrosh and Vanessa Vanyo. Alex will also be going to Argentina in the summer with

Dr. Fogt to present research they have been working on. 

I will be sending an e-mail later about the involvement fair in the fall. We want to get a lot of incoming freshman interested in the chapter next year. We had a lot of new people this year and we want to keep people coming and joining. We went from about 8 last year, to about 35-40 this year. That is a big jump. Lets gain even more involvement next year. The involvement fair is in the first couple days of the school year next year. The fair is aimed at getting the incoming freshman involved into something. If you would like to help promote the chapter, or even give tours of the lab, we will set that up later. 
Chip Redmond, Alex Steinkamp, and Ryan Langen had a good storm chase 2 weeks ago. They went all the way out to Kansas to chase some supercells that developed in central Kansas. There will be some pictures coming up of the storm. 

Would like to say goodbye to the seniors that are graduating this year. Darren Snively is going to Iowa State for graduate school, and Ryan Fliehman is going to Arizona State for graduate school. Good luck to you guys and keep in touch. 

Good Luck on everyone's exams, and have a great summer! See everyone in the fall.---Alex Steinkamp.



On the evening of May 17th, the AMS Smoky Mountain chapter met in Oak Ridge for a tour of the NOAA Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (ATDD). Around fifteen to twenty members convened for this meeting. Everyone first ate at “Big Ed’s Pizza”, a long-standing Oak Ridge tradition that everyone seemed to enjoy. After dinner, Ed Dumas showed everyone the various towers and equipment on the outside grounds of the ATDD facility. He explained some of the ATDD projects that have been done in the past and some of the present day projects being worked on. These ATDD experiments are not just local, with other experiments in several parts of the country right now. Everyone also toured the working area, which involved a wind tunnel often used for experiments.

After Ed walked everyone through the working area as well as the outside grounds, ATDD Director Bruce Baker gave a presentation about the ATDD and their work in California and Washington, in addition to things being done in the local area. He showed everyone some very interesting work being done with precipitation measurements, wind shields, wind directions and speeds, as well as some other projects currently being worked on.

At the close of the meeting, Jesse Miller (departing president) announced the new officers for this upcoming year: Ed Dumas as President, Ernie Roberts as Vice President, and Bob Becker continuing as Treasurer.---David Gaffin.



The South Central Texas Chapter of the AMS/NWA held a lunch meeting at the River Pub and Grill in San Marcos, TX on Friday, May 21, 2010.  The chapter had been somewhat inactive due to some internal personnel changes. It had been a while since we had met, but the group still shows a lot of enthusiasm and interest in making this an active and involved chapter.

Election ballots were distributed at the meeting with the intention of a new executive board to begin a term in the fall.  The chapter still has an active membership base and about 18 were in attendance, representing a variety of positions within our industry.  Plans for the short term include constructing a chapter website, becoming more active in science fairs, and holding more social events to promote camaraderie within our industry.

Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 21, 2010

San Marcos, TX 

In attendance: Vice President Jon Zeitler, Secretary/Treasurer Maureen McCann, 18 members in total


Meeting adjourned with plans for another meeting in the fall.---Maureen McCann.



May 2010

Eberly Science & Technology, California University of PA

On behalf of the Southwest Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Meteorological society, I am proud to present you with our Chapter’s May Submission.

New Business



We had our last meeting/end of year party tuesday night, where we introduced the new officers and recognized the senior members who are graduating next week. After a quick recap of the last month we enjoyed pizza and snacks and watched the movie Twister.---Allison Podbielski.



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